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Accessible mini-buses transforming the lives of elderly people and disabled children

Since 2008 The Victoria Foundation has provided Richmond & Kingston Accessible Transport (RaKAT) with funding to purchase five accessible minibuses. One fully accessible and customised mini-bus which can accommodate 15 seated or 6 wheelchairs with occupants with seats removed costs over £63,000.

How the mini-buses are helping those in the Richmond and Kingston area

To date the vehicles have been used by many organisations enabling over 100,000 passenger journeys. The vehicles are helping to transform many lives through providing accessible transport vehicles, which enable disabled children, young people and the elderly to attend day care centres, go on shopping trips, and take part in educational or social outings.

In 2014 alone the mini-buses the foundation has funded for RAKAT were used by 98 different voluntary organisations allowing 21,652 passenger journeys to be completed.

“As always, thank you so much on behalf of all the thousands of people you help. It’s very difficult for us to raise funds for accessible buses and the ongoing contribution made by the Victoria Foundation is priceless. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to maintain the services we do at the moment.”  Nigel Newby. CEO, Richmond and Kingston Accessible Transport

The Victoria Foundation has funded or made a contribition towards a mini-bus for:

  • Richmond and Kingston Crossroads Care
  • Strathmore School in Petersham 
  • Sebastian's Action Trust


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