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Toolkit Grants and Elective Bursaries - supporting future NHS junior doctors



The Victoria Foundation supports widening participation in medicine and is helping to support future generations of NHS doctors by awarding Toolkit Grants and Elective Bursaries to UK students from disadvantaged backgrounds studying medicine at UK universities. The grants support their studies by contributing towards the cost of medical equipment, textbooks, and travel to hospital placements or electives. The Foundation supports over 100 medical students each year studying at universities around the country and including those on the  Extended Medical Degree course MBBS (EMDP)at King's College,London . The Victoria Foundation does not award grants towards tuition fees. 

The Victoria Foundation is truly grateful for a very generous donation from the estate of Mr CAW Blackwell which helps to ensure TVF can provide so many Toolkit Grants and Elective Bursaries. By 2027 this legacy alone will have supported over 400 medical students which is truly fantastic.

TVF awards a grant of £5,000 to the University of Leeds School of Medicine NHS Student Workforce Fund


The Victoria Foundation is very proud to continue to support the needs of medical students from widening participation backgrounds at the university as they face the pressures the Covid-19 pandemic has placed on them in pursuing their degree on their journey to becoming NHS Junior Doctors.

Professor Laura Stroud, Deputy Dean at Leeds School of Medicine said, “it’s been an extraordinarily challenging year for our students and making sure we can offer them the full educational and pastoral support they need has been of paramount importance. But we know that some students have struggled even more than others with the additional financial burden of dealing with the pandemic and keeping on top of their studies and placements. This generous donation from The Victoria Foundation will provide that extra level of assistance to some of our most vulnerable students and will help with extra financial and pastoral support which will make a huge difference to them now – and for the future.”

Words of thanks from students who have received a TVF Toolkit Grant or Elective Bursary

4th Year Medical Student - University of Leicester Medical School - Receipt of Mr Charles Anthony Walter Blackwell Medical Bursary/Toolkit Grant 

'I would like to acknowledge the receipt of a Medical Elective Grant of £300 kindly awarded by The Victoria Foundation. My deepest thanks to Mr Charles Anthony Walter Blackwell and all members of the trust for making this grant possible. Without this award I would have been unable to make the purchase of key course textbooks and materials required for the successful completion of this academic year. My academic progress would have been hindered unfairly and I would have struggled in passing my exams. Thanks to the generosity of the trust I have now purchased all the key textbooks and have already started benefiting from having access to these just as other students do. I believe that Mr Blackwell would be proud of the great work the trust is doing.'

 Students from Extended Medical Degree - King's College London 

‘I would like to thank you for providing us with essential books as these books will benefit us greatly for many years to come.’

Thank you - 3rd year student - lmperial College London

'I would like to confirm that I have received the enclosed grant cheque of £200. Thank you for your support and I will ensure to make good use of this and that it would go towards my medical studies. With this amount, I will be using it purchase a opthalmoscope and suture kit to practice fundoscopy and suturing. This will help me practice my clinical skills and recognise abnormalities and different types of retinopathy. '

Student from - University of Southampton

'Thank you ever so much for the grant that I received today, as a care-leaver nearing the end of my medical degree the grant means a huge amount to me and will help me to complete my studies and help with essential costs.'

5th year student - Keele University Medical School

'I confirm receipt of the cheque you have sent me. I am most grateful for this, it will help me so much. I have a couple of exams coming up so intend on putting the money towards some new resources that will help my studies, such as the prescribing safety assessment as there are not many up-to-date books in the library.'

3rd year student - University of Cambridge

'The grant from TVF will help me to continue my medical degree and to engage in training/research activities which will help me to become a better doctor. I am very grateful for your help and for contributing to my educational projects. This grant makes a huge difference to me.'

 4th year student - Queens University Belfast

'I am writing to confirm that I have received my medical toolkit. This will allow me to purchase the recommended textbooks for my fourth year in medicine and will also go some way to cover the costs of travel and accommodation for my 4th year placements. This will relieve some of my financial pressures and help me to concentrate on my studies.'

4th year student - BMedSci (Hons) Keele University Medical School

 ‘I am over the moon and incredibly grateful to be awarded this grant. My financial situation following 7 years in university is understandably quite tight right now. This grant helps to ease a lot of stress from me and will really help me to focus on my upcoming final examinations.'

Can you help support medical students - the future generations of NHS Junior doctors?

The Victoria Foundation is receiving urgent requests for support from medical students who are facing even more extreme financial pressure due to the impact of COVID-19 where part-time employment is no longer available and they have increased expenditure due to remote learning and having to travel further to hospital placements. 

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Please get in touch if you can offer any help and together we can help future generations of doctors.