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Medical Assistance - transforming lives


The Victoria Foundation is delighted to have awarded a £5,000 grant to the Kingston Hospital Charity to equip and support the development of the Gathering Room which is located in the Spirituality and Wellbeing Centre in the heart of the hospital’s Esher Wing. Since the room came into service in mid-2019 it has been used to host a range of activities, workshops, gatherings and events that support the holistic wellbeing of staff, patients and patients’ families. TVF received a request for support from the Kingston Hospital Charity to purchase two laptop computers and audio visual equipment ensuring the Gathering Room can continue to be used as a base to stream training and provide support for staff and patient groups, undertake confidential discussions and participate in multi-disciplinary team meetings with clinical teams. The hospital expects to be even busier winter 2019/2020  than is usually the case because of COVID-19, and is very grateful to The Victoria Foundation for its support at this time.    (October 2020)


How The Victoria Foundation's grant has helped

TVF is delighted to have awarded a grant of £5,000 to fund much needed equipment for Kingston Hospital’s multi-purpose Gathering Room in Esher Wing which has made such a huge difference to staff, patients and families during the pandemic. 

‘We were delighted to receive funding from The Victoria Foundation to help us provide equipment for our multi-purpose Gathering Rooms in the Spirituality &  Wellbeing Centre at the heart of Kingston Hospital’s Esher Wing.  Throughout the pandemic these rooms have continued to be used as extension office spaces for the team, providing a great space to hold confidential virtual meetings away from the open office environment.

Laptop computers have come into their own, enabling flexible use of the rooms to support the team needs.  The conferencing speaker/ microphones enable several participants to hear and engage with clarity whilst maintaining social distance around a shared laptop or the whole process can be fed through the new projector onto the new screen. 

With the re-introduction of Group Sessions as we move forward in the recovery phase, the new CD player facility with USB capability makes it easy for the presenters to play music lists, or podcasts to support wellbeing and meditation events.”    

The Revd Susan van Beveren MA Head of Chaplaincy, Pastoral & Spiritual Support Service Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust   (April 2021)

The Victoria Foundation would like to say a special thank you all those who so generously support the charity which made this grant possible.

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