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Corporate Support


Today, the relationship between companies and charities is closer than ever before, with charity sponsorships and corporate charity donations increasingly used to support UK charities. Charity sponsorship can bring genuine and lasting benefits to a company; from public perception to employee motivation, making it in a company's own interests to move towards increasing their social responsibility.

The Foundation builds lasting relationships with corporate charity partners, ensuring they are involved, updated, informed, advised and supported in everything they do. We recognise that charity sponsorship, corporate charity donations and partnerships are driven by more than philanthropic desire; they must also satisfy the needs of the business. The Foundation’s team are experts in creating and developing mutually beneficial corporate charity relationships with partners. Each charity partnership is managed specifically to ensure the best possible outcome for both parties.

There are many ways you can support The Victoria Foundation within a corporate partnership:

  • Donation
  • Sponsorship
  • Payroll Giving 
  • Staff Fundraising
  • Pro-bono support
  • Staff Volunteering
  • Charity of the Year

The Victoria Foundation would be delighted to hear from you if you are interested in exploring a corporate partnership.

Do not hesitate to contact Lorna Votier, Development Director, The Victoria Foundation T: 020 8332 1788 or Email

Thank you to all those companies which are helping to transform lives by supporting The Victoria Foundation in addition to those above including: