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Mobility Aids transforming the lives of children and youngsters


TVF funds mobility aids for children and youngsters which help them gain independence and reach their potential. We are receiving an ever increasing number of requests for specialist buggies, trikes, lightwweight wheelchairs and gym equipment from families, charities and schools. We are able award grants due to the donations we receive, a grant from The Richmond Charities and the proceeds from fundraising events. COVID-19 has had a huge impact on TVF's income with the cancellation of events when families who have been so affected by the pandemic need our support. 

How your donation can help to transform lives 

  •   £500   could provide a specialist buggy or trike helping a child enjoy the outdoors with their family
  • £3,000   could provide a lightweight wheelchair  which will help a youngster gain independence and reach their potential

The impact of donations which fund mobility aids

A family who have have just received the news that TVF will fund a buggy for their son. 

'Our Son Oliver has a very rare genetics condition called PKS (Pallister Killian Syndrome, you won't of heard of it most Drs haven't) and has just turned 8. But it means he has a list of ongoing concerns and always will, I'll spare you the list, but suffice to say he has severe physical & mental development challenges. But he's such a happy boy though and never complains.. he melts your heart. 

As he's grown we have been desperate to find a buggy that we can go out as a family, he has a younger sibling too to encourage him. We finally found a solution that could ease the everyday mobility for him and hopefully ease some of the heavy lifting for my wife (lifting Ollie and his heavy wheel chair is tough work) and also a buggy that we can attach to a bike for us all to got out as a family (it's an all terrain, perfect for getting out and about in the great outdoors, which he hasn't been able to to date we've always had to split the family up on outings). However, the cost was beyond our reach, we have only so much.. especially at times like these. 

Anyway, with your support and what we have saved we are there!! We can now order this and go out together for walks and bike rides in the country.. we're so excited, this will open the great outdoors for Ollie. It may sound small but this is huge for him and us as a family, finally we can be together, always. 

I just wanted to thank you so much for your help.. it's a massive deal for our family, thank you!!

Please donate now so that TVF can go on providing mobility aids and helping local families - every donation will help to make a difference

Donate online: 

Donate by bank transfer to    HSBC Kingston Branch TVF Account: 01 56 33 27         TVF Sort Code: 40 26 12

Donate by cheque: Payable to The Victoria Foundation and send to The Victoria Foundation St David's House 15 Worple Way Richmond TW10 6DG

The Victoria Foundation is able to support children and young peple who have mobility needs, and where financial constraints do not allow the private purchase of mobility aids. We can also consider requests from adults for mobility aids. 

To find out more see TVF's latest video

The Foundation can consider applications from individuals, charities, schools and organisations. 

Grant applications are reviewed each quarter in       January         April         July         October

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