Medical support transforming lives

Message from The Chief Executive

The Victoria Foundation is the parent charity of the  New Victoria Hospital in Kingston, one of the few remaining independent hospitals in the country. I am proud to be Chief Executive of The Victoria Foundation and Executive Chairman of the New Victoria Hospital.

The Victoria Foundation’s objectives are very broad, but firmly medical, with the overall aim of transforming lives where there is an opportunity to do so - either through medical provision or by ensuring that those young people destined to become the future generations of doctors are not thwarted by financial restrictions.

The focus of the Foundation is on three main donation strands, which the Trustees identified as the gaps in current provision by the State.

However, this is not to say that we’ve identified them all, and so the Foundation is willing and able to consider applications on a case by case basis which fall outside of the three main donation strands, e.g. research and development, capital equipment etc.

Our goal is to help as many people as we can now but not, by so doing, jeopardise our ability to help many more people in the future. In the current economic climate this balance is especially important.

Because of an annual donation from the New Victoria Hospital, the Foundation is in a privileged and unique position.  As Chief Executive, I can promise it’s donors that every penny donated will be spent on our beneficiaries, and not used for administration.

We have the ability to be creative in how we support our beneficiaries, and welcome interaction and challenges from both donors and those we assist.

To our existing supporters, I say thank you. To our prospective supporters, I ask you to contact us, learn more about us and allow us to give you the unique opportunity of making a real difference.

Thank you.

Graham Ball Chief Executive