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Medical Toolkit Grants & Elective Bursaries.

Supporting medical students - the NHS Junior Doctors of the future

Can you DONATE NOW to help ensure that TVF can go on providing Toolkit Grants and Elective Bursaries to medical students from lower socio-economic backgrounds - by doing so you will be helping to support the wonderful NHS junior doctors of the future.

TVF supports widening participation in medicine by awarding Toolkit Grants of c£250 each year to over 80 medical students from lower socio-economic backgrounds to help cover the cost of textbooks, study materials, medical equipment and travel to hospital placements.  In addition TVF funds textbooks for c70 students studying on the Extended Medical Degree Programme at Kings College, London  in partnership with The Worshipful Company of Barbers and Surgeons  This is only possible in part due to a very generous gift from the Estate of Mr CAW Blackwell - by 2027 this gift will have supported over 400 medical students which would have made Mr Blackwell extremely proud.

Widening participation in medicine aims to ensure that the NHS is reflective and understanding of the needs of its patients in the future.The Victoria Foundation does not award grants to cover tuition fees. 

Due to COVID-19 where TVF's events have been cancelled the charity has less funds available to award in grants to medical students who are facing even greater financial pressure during their studies due to the impact of the pandemic where there are less part-time employment opportunites available to them and where they are facing increased costs due to having to travel further to hospital placements and purchase additional materials to support their remote learning.

Can you make a donation now to help support medical students during their studies on their way to becoming NHS junior doctors of the future?

TVF would like to continute to support  over 80 medical students in 2021 as it has done in previous years - please make a donation NOW. Every donation, small or large, will help to provide support for medical students from lower socio-economic backgrounds studying at universities across the UK. 

Could you Sponsor a Toolkit Grant for a Medical Student by making a regular gift to TVF?

A monthly gift of £20 per or an annual gift of £240 could provide a Toolkit Grant for a medical student to help fund textbooks, medical equipment and travel costs to a hospital placement. 


To arrange a bank transfer or to set up a standing order please find TVF's Bank details.   HSBC Kingston Branch  Account No: 01 56 33 27  Sort Code: 40-26-12

How you donation could help

  •      £80 could provide a textbook for a medical student 
  •    £200 could provide study materials & help cover travel costs to a hospital placement
  •    £250 could provide a bursary towards the travel costs for a medical elective

Toolkit Grant -  thank yous from medical students 2020 - 2021 - the difference your donation could make

I would like to thank the Victoria Foundation Mr CAW Blackwell Medical Toolkit Grant Fund for the financial support that they provided me this year. I'll be eternally grateful and I endeavour to return the favour in the future.  With teaching being delivered online I became more reliant upon my laptop that was over 10 years old and didn't have the capacity for this. Thus, I had to invest in a new laptop and without the aid of the TVF I wouldn't have been able to purchase this learning essential. 

Year 2, 2nd degree - University of Aberdeen

I'd like to say a massive thank you for awarding me this grant at such a stressful period of time. I've been able to invest in books and online resources to complete my 5th year of study, and am now no longer struggling to afford my living costs. 

Year 5 -  Imperial College London

I am writing to thank The Victoria Foundation and the Estate of Mr Charles Anthony Walter Blackwell for awarding me with a Medical Toolkit Grant of £200. This will make a great difference to me during my second year of Medicine, aiding with the transport to clinical sessions and the funding of necessary resources. Given the current circumstances, this grant has become even more valuable to me, and I greatly thank those involved for making it possible.

Year 2, 2nd degree - University of Aberdeen

I used my Medical Toolkit Grant to purchase a wireless iPad keyboard to write my January exams on my iPad from home. Moreover, I purchased a highly recommended Human anatomy app, software and flashcards which have been enormously useful in learning my anatomy this year and future to come. 

Year 1, 2nd degree - University of Leicester

…… This grant has helped to fund the necessary equipment I will need for my clinical training within medical school, including a stethoscope and essential textbooks. I am extremely grateful for the work of the foundation and the generosity of all the donors. 

Year 3 – University College London

The £200 grant awarded to me will help me greatly over the next year of my study. I am approaching my final year of medical school and have a number of high stake exams coming up such as the PSA and SJT, and this grant will allow me to purchase the necessary resources in order to prepare for these exams, but will also allow me to reach my full potential.      Year 4, 2nd degree - University of Leicester

Thank you so much for making this grant possible for medical students like myself. The grant means that the equipment needed for my degree is affordable, so that my family and I don't have to struggle for everyday essentials at the expense of my degree. Without the help of charitable organisations and people, like Mr Blackwell, I would be struggling, and for this I am grateful. 

Year 1, 2nd degree - York Medical School   

I wanted to thank the organisation for making this grant available to me.  I really appreciate it and without it I would find it incredibly challenging to drive to and from far away placements. I hope you can reach as many people with this grant as possible. 

Year 5 - St George’s University London

Thank you so much for your generosity, I cannot thank you enough and really appreciate the help 'The Victoria Foundation Mr CAW Blackwell Medical Toolkit Grant Fund' has given me. This grant will allow me to focus on my academic studies in order to further my career. It’s a huge relief to not have to constantly worry about finances. I will also be able to continue volunteering and focus on my publications as earning money is not necessarily the priority. 

Year 4,  2nd degree -  St George’s University London

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Applying for a Medical Toolkit Grant or Elective Bursary

Grant applications are reviewed each quarter in       January         April         July         October

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact The Victoria Foundation on T: 020 8332 1788 or by Email

Please note  TVF is unable to consider applications; before a student has started studying medicine, from an overseas student studying at a UK university or from a student studying at an overseas unversity.

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