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TVF awards a grant of £13,000 towards a playground structure for Clarendon Primary Center in Hampton

Published: 18 August 2023


The pupils at Clarendon Primary SEN Centre all have learning difficulties, and many have additional complex needs. About half have a diagnosis of Autism (ASD) and about 25% have significant medical needs, sensory issues, or physical disabilities. More than 40% of the pupils are eligible for the Pupils Premium Grant, and 58% of the pupils are of ethnicities other than white British, indicating that the school community is significantly more diverse, and from more deprived backgrounds, than other local schools.

The current playground structure is not fit for purpose and is unsuitable for the 50 primary (4-11 years old) aged pupils who use the playground at least three times per day. It is too big in scale, too small in capacity and does not meet the physical or developmental needs of many of the pupils. The proposed custom play structure  has been designed with the needs and the safety of the young learners as the focus. TVF is delighhted to have awarded a grant of £13,000 towards much needed new playground structure which will be installed during the school summer holiday break ready for when the children return in September 2023. We look forward to visiting the school in September and sharing photographs and further details.  A thank you from John Kipps, Executive Headteacher ....