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Courtney has raised over £900 by completing a 5k challenge in order to help another youngster like her - please SPONSOR HER NOW

Published: 09 June 2021

Courtney has a very rare condition called Cohen Syndrome and is extremely Clinically Vulnerable, she has spent almost all of the pandemic shielding at home.  She also has retinal dystrophy and currently only has 2 degrees of vision left. It’s important for her family to make as many visual memories as they can.  Courtney her mum and her friend Nikki completed a 5k challenge on 6th June (moved from 4th June due to adverse weather) as they wanted to help another family like theirs.  

'We wanted to thank The Victoria Foundation and its supporters for the grant to purchase a specialist buggy for Courtney. It has helped to greatly improve her life and means she is able to take part in all outdoor activities. She's really enjoying being able to go oin dog walks with the family and has said how comfortable the chair is"   Harrie, Courtney's mum.

Courtney, her mum and friend Nikki have raised over £850 - please sponsor them NOW to help them reach their target so that The Victoria Foundation can provide a specialist mobility aid for another family.




After completing the challenge Harrie said  ‘We all really enjoyed it, thankfully the weather was on our side. Courtney felt very proud to be raising money for other children, she had a great time taking part in the 5k. Courts walked/run the final stretch and said she was “so exhausted” but she had a big smile on her face the whole way.  Courtney would like to thank each and everyone of you who donated, shared, and supported her. We hope that the money raised will help make a difference to another child’s life like the buggy has made to ours.   Thank you all so very much. ‘ 

Please donate now to help Courney to raise £2,000 to help another youngster. Every donation will help - please share with friends and on social media too! Thank you so much for any support you can give - every donation will help to make a difference.