Medical support transforming lives

Create you own Virtual Challenge in aid of TVF


We are calling on our fantastic supporters to take up a virtual challenge to raise funds to help ensure that TVF can go on providing vital medical support, equipment and grants to medical students facing extreme hardship during their studies. 

A challenge could also help to maintain your physical and mental wellbeing all while you are helping to transform lives through the funds you raise. Please ensure your virtual challenge adheres to all guidelines on social distancing and leaving your home.

Take part in your own 'Virtual Challenge' - step, run swim .....  you create the challenge and take part on your own or with friends! 

Your 'virtual challenge' could be a run, bike, swim, golf or other type of activity you like to do. The challenge is virtual in name only, as to participate you still have to complete the challenge at the selected distance during the event dates you have set. 

You decide the location, at a time, place and pace that is convenient for you.  You have the freedom and flexibility to fit the event into your schedule.

Some ideas of a Virtual Challenge to set yourself to complete in a week, a month .... 

  • Step Challenge - 100,000, 250,000, .....1,000,000 steps
  • Cycle/Walk 25k, 100k, 200k ....500k
  • Swim 1000m, 5000m , .....10,000m 
  • Climb 'Mount Everest' on local hills!

If it is a 25k walk - you can walk your favourite route, track, path, use a treadmill, or do it in your garden!  You just set your distance and you walk anywhere at a date and time convenient for you. No need to walk on cold, rainy days, or hot, humid, sun beating days – unless you want to.  


  •      £80 could provide a textbook for a medical student 
  •    £250 could provide a medical elective bursary 
  •    £550 could provide a specialist trike for a youngster
  • £3,000 could provide a lightweight self-propel wheelchair
  • £65,000 could provide a sixteen-seater accessible minibus

Your Virtual Challenge 

1    Decide on the challenge you want to set yourself, set the time period to complete it - get friends and family to join you!

2   Contact TVF to let them know 

Set up a JUSTGIVING fundraising page

4   Ask friends, family and contacts to sponsor you 

5  Complete the challenge - log your progress on your fundraising page

6  Celebrate your achievement,  thank your sponsors and share on social media as others may like to sponsor you

7  TVF will send you a medal and certificate of achievement 

Please get in touch now if you would like to take up a Virtual Challenge in aid of TVF T: 020 8332 1788 or Email