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TVF is delighted to award a grant to the Hydration Foundation to provide hands-free drinking units for the elderly

Published: 10 October 2021



TVF is delighted to award a grant for £1,000 to the Hydration foundation to fund 100 hands-free drinking units to help prevent dehydration in the elderly and those with limited mobility in our community. The Hydrant is a practical solution for those who struggle to reach, lift or hold a drink without assistance.

'Winner of the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise: Innovation 2013, this unique hands-free drinking system is already proven to massively reduce dehydration in hospitals, care homes and the community. Studies have shown the use of The Hydrant can reduce falls, urinary tract infections (UTIs), use of antibiotics and hospital admissions by up to 80%. It was invented in 2007 by British businessman Mark Moran after he experienced dehydration in hospital whilst recovering from a spinal operation. Hydrants are successfully being used in hospitals, care homes and in the community around the UK and worldwide. Anyone with limited mobility particularly those who struggle to reach, hold or lift a drink is likely to benefit from a Hydrant. We believe this could be as many as 3 million people in Great Britain. Hydrants are successfully being used in hospitals, care homes and in the community all around the UK. But there are many more individuals particularly out in the community whose lives could be transformed by having independent access to fluids. It will help people with neurological conditions such as MS, Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinson’s, stroke sufferers also cancer patients and those in palliative care and many other types of conditions.'     The Hydration Foundation 

“I think the Hydrant must be one of the best things ever invented for disabled people. I care for a relative who is almost completely paralysed with MS and was constantly calling on me for drinks, because the medication she takes dries out her mouth. She is now able to reach the tube and drink when she wishes. Many thanks for the extra time you have given to me.”        Beneficiary of a Hydrant - The Hydration Foundation 

If know of any individuals or groups in the Richmond and Kingston area who would benefit from a hands-free drinking system funded by TVF please contact Mark Moran at the Hydration Foundation 07818 442024 / 0800 0436 003  or

The Hydration Foundation is reaching out to organisations which support the elderly and vulnerable in order to get the units out to those who will grealty benefit from them including AGE UK Richmond upon Thames Branch, MND Association West London & Middlesex Branch, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Nursing Services Richmond Rehabilitation Unit, Parkinson’s UK Richmond & Hounslow Branch and Stroke Association Kingston Stroke Support Group.