Medical support transforming lives

Medical Assistance - transforming lives


In September 2011 Nic Steer, a wife and mother, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma (ACC) in the space behind her nose. After a referral to The Royal Marsden in January 2012 for surgery and radiotherapy her follow-up scan showed no visible sign of cancer.

Devastatingly, just over a year later, the cancer had returned and within only a few months had taken the hearing and sight on her left side as well as all feeling to that side of her face too. There was a risk that she would lose the sight in her other eye too and this was simply unthinkable. She is a mother to 2 young children under 5yrs old. She was told about Cyberknife but incredibly her appeal to be treated under the NHS could not be met.

How The Victoria Foundation helped

“Through research I discovered that The Victoria Foundation might be able to help fund the vital treatment I needed through a partnership the charity had with The London Clinic. Writing the application form for funding was very emotional. ….I am a mother of two wonderful children, Jack and Hannah and I just long to see them grow up and flourish. Without this treatment I probably won’t even be able to physically see them day to day, let alone see them grown up. The prognosis for life expectancy after a reoccurrence of this type of cancer is 3-5 years.

I want to live as normal a life as possible for as long as possible, being Mummy, wife, daughter, sister, friend – in every way possible. This grant to fund this specific treatment is my only hope of destroying this cancer and living a full life with my family. On a very practical note, we simply do not have the money to fund this ourselves and were shocked to be rejected by the NHS. We are so very very grateful that this opportunity has arisen which could make all the difference to all of our lives. ……

After a tense week waiting for the response, I can’t begin to describe to you how it felt to hear that The Victoria Foundation was able to help. My diary entry and email out to friends and relatives said:

Best Christmas present ever!!!..... ?The Marsden have done what they always do...filled us to the brim with hope!!! ?They have teamed up with a charity called The Victoria Foundation which is in partnership with The London Clinic…..and they’re gonna fund the whole of the Cyberknife treatment I so desperately need!!! (the new accurate radiotherapy robot!) It will happen in early January and hopefully get rid of this entire new tumour!!!! Can't tell you how completely over the moon and totally blessed I feel!! …. So remission here I come again!!! Come on!!!!!

Since having the treatment in January 2014, I am delighted to tell you my ‘good eye’ has been saved….AND just a week ago (16th June 2015) have had my first fully confirmed scan report of: “No tumour reoccurrence” Just incredible.

None of this would have been at all possible without the overwhelming support from The Victoria Foundation. They have literally enabled me to live.

“I will forever be grateful to them and would encourage as many as possible to include this incredible charity when considering fundraising. I certainly will. Thank you The Victoria Foundation, from the very bottom of my, and my whole family’s heart.” Nic Steer, Cancer Treatment funded by TVF

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